We would like to inform you about our car rental terms and conditions. We ask you to read this carefully. Autotravel.gr is not responsible for a lack of understanding or lack of knowledge of the rental conditions on the part of the customer.
Included in our rental prices:
Liability and fire insurance Damage up to 1.220.000 Euro and persons per person 1.220.000 EUR (LI)
Fully comprehensive insurance (CDW)
Fully comprehensive insurance without deductible (SCDW) ***
Insurance against vandalism and fire./ and electrical damage without excess (VA)
Insurance against damage to tires, underbody and discs without excess (WUG)
Anti-theft protection without excess (TP)
Passenger insurance without excess (PAI)
Unlimited kilometers
24 h street service on the whole of Crete
Maintenance and oil consumption
vehicle delivery
(to / from Heraklion and 40km surrounding, from 8:30 am to 9 pm)
Vehicle return 24 hours without surcharge (to / from Heraklion and 40km surrounding )
24% VAT
Road map and English speaking instruction (excursion tips)
Extra billable services: (often included in the offers in the price)
additional driver (one or more): 2,00 € per day
Child seat: 2,00 € per day
Maxi cosi: 3,00 € per day
GPS-SAT NAV: 5,00 € per day
Vehicle delivery outside of the time: + Extra € or place zones - please inquire Analog
Fuel options:
There are 2 variants of the tank control, the choice you can make when booking. The following variants are distinguished:
part to part, The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of petrol as delivered (for example, 1/4 tank) is taken over and returned with the same amount.
Full to empty, the car will be  delivered  with a full tank and should be returned with an empty tank /  there is no refund for unused fuel.. In this variant, the tank filling must be paid upon pickup plus the rental price. The renter has the choice during  booking a tank over a certain sum (for example, only 50 euros) to order or full!
Key Loss
The customer is liable for all costs ( transfer the spare key to your location )  to replace keys which have been lost or damaged and the cost of retrieval of keys which have been locked inside a vehicle.
Policies for cancellations, refunds, and no-show fees
Payment in the rental station:
· Changes to your reservation are free of charge up to one day before pick-up (however, new rents may apply).
· Cancellations are free up to three days before pickup. This allows us to rent the vehicle elsewhere. You can cancel using the same booking method you used to make your reservation, or contact your local call center.
Unless you have canceled your reservation and will not pick up the vehicle at the agreed time of rental, a fee of EUR 100.00 will be charged.
General rental conditions:
Our car hire offers you book without deposit. This has the advantage that you do not need your own credit card
All tenants / drivers must have been in possession of a valid EU or international driver's license for at least one year,
The minimum age of drivers is 21 years for vehicle groups A, B and C, and 23 years for all other vehicle groups.
The calculation of the tariffs assumes that the rental and return station are identical. (or as booked ) we strictly ask you to respect the return time you have chosen .For a return delay of more than two hours  an additional day will be charged, to be paid on the spot upon return. You are obliged to inform the company for any delay
International one-way rentals are not possible.
Unless otherwise stated in the Travel Voucher, the above-mentioned mandatory and / or additional charges will be charged and charged at the rental station.
Partially used travel vouchers will not be refunded without our prior confirmation.
Reservations are only possible by vehicle category! We are happy to respond to your wishes regarding a specific model, but we reserve the right to provide a model of the same category for delivery difficulties.
No insurance coverage:
In accidents caused by drugs or alcohol
For damage to the vehicle caused by driving on unpaved roads ( or partly not paved )
Only the persons registered in the contract are entitled to drive the vehicle and are covered by the insurance.
In case of gross negligence .
Damages to the car interior unless caused threw an accident .
One-way rentals:
One-way rentals are possible from a rental period of at least 7 days. Excluded are one-way rentals within the 40 km zone around Heraklion – they can be accepted upon request
*** EXCEPTION: For the convertible of the Kat G3 Audi 3 TSFI you have a deductible of 800 EUR - This deductible must be secured by credit card deposit or cash deposit as a deposit